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On June 7, 1968 Jane Asher joined fiancee Paul McCartney & his clan at the wedding of his brother Michael McCartney to Angela Fishwick in the village of Carrog, Merioneth, North Wales. (part 5)

Photo 1) Back at the McCartney family home, called “Rembrandt”, on Baskervyle Road in Heswall, Cheshire overlooking the river Dee and North Wales, Paul read aloud the humorous best wishes sent from family and friends. From The Beatles Monthly Book, 1968. From Lady Jane yahoo group.

Photo 2) Family gathered around as Paul read congratulatory telegrams back at Rembrandt to the newlyweds - three were signed from John, Cyn & Julian (Lennon); Ringo, Maureen, Zak & Jason (Starkey); and George & Pattie (Harrison). From an e-bay auction listing, posted at the Jane Asher photoblog.

Photo 3) The McCartney clan in hysterics as Paul reads congratulatory telegrams at the McCartney family home at Heswall, Cheshire, after the ceremony. From the book, The Macs - Mike McCartney’s Family Album, by Peter Michael McCartney (published 1981). From Lady Jane yahoo group.

Photo 4) Jane and Paul celebrating with a champagne toast to the bride and groom. From Paris Match. From Lady Jane yahoo group.

Photo 5) Lovely Jane and Paul enjoying the wedding reception at Rembrandt. From Rave magazine, 1968. From Lady Jane yahoo group.

Photo 6) Press photo of Jane & Paul having fun at the reception. From Lady Jane yahoo group.

Photo 7) A loving moment between Jane and Paul at the reception. From Lady Jane yahoo group.

Photo 8) Jane and Paul having fun together at the reception. From Lady Jane yahoo group.

Photo 9) Paul & Jane sitting together at the reception. From the German magazine, Bravo, June 8, 1978. From Lady Jane yahoo group.

Photo 10) Lovely photo of Paul & Jane found online - Too bad it’s such poor quality. From Lady Jane yahoo group.

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