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Anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you tell me all the Jane Asher blogs that you know? Thanks :)

Yes! Only blogs or anything? Well, I post blogs and then if you want to know more (facebook pages, fansites in general, etc), ask again and I’ll tell you :) I have a great list of Jane realted sites at my fansite

Anyway, stop autopromotion, and here they go :) (they should open in a new window)

There was this but now it says is not available, I don’t know if it’s remporary or not. There were 2 great blogspots, one of them you now had to register to see what was updated or not. (cool!!) (cool!!) (used to be cool, long time with no updates)

I have many tumblrs (list not updated): (cool!!) (cool but not updated anymore) (the owner is so lovely) (not updated anymore) (Jane is not tagged) (not updated anymore)

Sorry because most of them are tumblr blogs, and maybe you are a tumblr user so maybe you already know about all of them. In fact there aren’t many blogs (some time ago I thought about starting one). But I hope that helps.

Have a nice day!


Paul McCartney and Jane Asher’s postcard, sent to Richard and Maureen Starkey from India in 1968.

I don’t know the source, I saved it a long while ago but apparently it had been scanned from Ringo’s book “Postcards from the Boys”.

I’ve been searching when Maureen and Ringo left India but now I don’t find it. I know they were the firsts ones to leave, and then Paul and Jane left ca. late March (they arrived in London on March 26th after a two days visit to Teheran, Iran). So the postcard was sent between when the Starkeys left and Paul and Jane left (sorry, English is not my mmaternal language but I hope you get the idea).

EDIT: In the card says “Mia [Farrow] left yesterday and Mal [Evans] today”, so we have to find out when this happenned.


Paul McCartney and Jane Asher in Tehran (1968)

Paul McCartney and then girlfriend Jane Asher spent a couple of days in Teheran, Iran on their way back from India in March 1968.

Cover of Ferdosi Magazine shows the couple visiting the Bazar, Eating the traditional dish Asheh Reshteh and Piazo Sabzi, and smoking the Hookah (Ghalyoon).

wow! I want more! ❤️



Tina Aumont and Frédéric Pardo pictured at his studio in Rome by Giancarlo Bonora.
From Spanish magazine Cristal (October 1971) and Oggi Illustrato (9th October 1971)

*Scans by Little Queenies for please if you use this pics don’t edit/change the source, thank you very much!!*

She was really beautiful.

Please, everybody, check this tumblr for beautiful actress Tina Aumont, another 1960s flower bird, it’s runned by my sister and has many pics and info.



English actress Jane Asher visits a street market stall in London in 1966. (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

I don’t know if this could be either while filming ‘Alfie’ or the pics from Carnaby Street from 1965. Any ideas?

For years I thought the photos from this set were taken during the filming of Alfie - but I found a small similar photo in a Dutch magazine with the caption:

 Toen Jane Asher de hoofdrol kreeg in Pygmalion ging ze maar St. Paul’s Church, Covent Garden, om zich vertrouwd te maken met de locale sfeer.

Loosely translated: When Jane Asher was the leading role in Pygmalion went but St. Paul’s Church, Covent Garden, in order to familiarize themselves with the local atmosphere.

This would be summer 1965.

Thanks so much, darling, you’re always a box of surprises, always with the est details for many of the pics!



George’s Wife Pattie Boyd took these shots.

Jane Asher and Paul McCartney with John Lennon on a trip to Rishikesh, India at Maharishi’s ashram, where The Beatles visited to study meditation.

February 1968.

I really love Jane’s dress <3

Circa March 25, 1966 - Jane and brother Peter at his new book shop, Indica, at 6 Mason’s Yard, London. (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images).

Peter’s business partner was John Dunbar (then fiance of Marianne Faithfull), and the third partner was Barry Miles. Jane donated the shop’s first cash till - which was an old Victorian till that she had played with as a young girl, and Paul McCartney designed Indica’s wrapping paper and advertising flyers.

1) English actress Phyllis Calvert (1915-2002) and Jane Asher (right) pictured together in a scene from the television drama ‘You Will Know Me By The Stars In My Eyes’ aired in August 1966. (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images).

Jane and Phyllis Calvert had also acted together in the film “Mandy” (1952) and would act together again in the play “Before the Party” (1980).

2 & 3) Portrait of English actress Jane Asher on the set of the television drama ‘You Will Know Me By The Stars In My Eyes’ aired in August 1966. (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images).

Monday, July 31st, 1967 - John, Cynthia and Julian Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jane Asher, Alexis ‘Magic Alex’ Mardas and Pattie Harrison’s sister Paula Boyd all returned to England from Greece on this day. They had been in Greece to visit an island which they intended to purchase. However, the plans came to nothing as The Beatles’ interest in living in the Mediterranean waned. The party flew to London Airport from Athens. George and Pattie Harrison had returned the previous day.

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